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Timothy Leary is Dead
10 August 1975
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"Is it so frightening to have me at your shoulder?
Thunder and lightning couldn't be bolder.
I'll write on your tombstone, 'I thank you for dinner.'
This game that we animals play is a winner.


I'm a tiger when I want love,
I'm a snake if we disagree."

-Bungle in the Jungle, Jethro Tull

Actually, I'm a Melanistic (Black) Leopard, not a Tiger, but that's a moot point to non-big cat lovers. Ask my tattoo for clarification.

Super duper grouper trouper. Now the fish have guns. Man has infected the sea. Sea war. Sea war kill. Kill, war, kill. Go fish. -Part of a stand-up routine by Blaine Capatch.

My favorite hobby is shredding idiots like a garbage disposal and then taking out the trash.

Definitions: CB - Stands for "Crew Butt." Photographer's trackside term referencing a situation wherein one is attempting to get a photograph of a driver/car/helmet/whatever when said item/person is out on pit lane and a member of said item/person's Pit Crew walks in front of the lens. Came about when Jen and I had several beautiful shots lined up of drivers sitting in their cockpits during a Milwaukee night race in 2003 and crew guys walked into the shots. Since a seated driver's helmet is at about the same level of a standing crew guy's rear end, we got a lot of butt shots, hence the term. Said definition has since deteriorated such that one can insert any driver's initials in front of "B" (JVB for Jimmy Vasser Butt, for example) and this means that one is trying to hunt down said driver ("I haven't seen any JVB all weekend; I'm heading over to his pitbox to see if I can snap off a few shots.").

I yam what I yam, but I prefer potatoes.

I has an alasdair2000, but you could maybe borrow him for awhilez if you ask nizely.

Have You Hugged Your AtlantiCat Today?

I need some hugs, too....

Here I am:

Here's my pet:

my pet!
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