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Happy Day That Used to Mean Something

Independence Day is supposed to be about celebrating what our forefathers and foremothers dreamed this country should be.

Independence Day is currently nothing more than a reason to have parties, go to "giant blowout SALES!" and blow things up. Our country is currently everything that our forefathers and foremothers despised and tried to prevent happening. Our country is currently a place of unlimited taxation and a greedy oligarchy controlling the world.

"We the people...?" Not any more. "We the corporations and wealthy lobbied politicians..." would be more accurate.

I'm a patriot who believes it is our patriotic duty to dissent, to expose corruption, to blow whistles, to show that our country is no longer ours, and to make plans to take it back.

Today, I'm just going to play mah-jongg and blow things up. Not because I'm celebrating the holiday, but because this is one of the few days every year I can get away with it.

I'm a pyromaniac and I approve this message.
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