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GMOs Could Equal Infertility--Go Organic!


Seriously, folks. When third-generation hamsters fed on GMO soy are not only incapable of reproducing but also start growing hair in their mouths, you KNOW this stuff is harmful and needs to be fully vetted before being declared safe for human consumption. This is really disturbing.

For the record again, I'm not against the technology of genetic manipulation, I am against its misuse. Declaring something safe for consumption that is inherently UNSAFE is not the work of sane people. It is the work of people who are only interested in making money, potentially at the expense of the human race.

You know how it will go...suddenly infertility will spike after a few generations (probably when we're all gone) and then Big Pharma will start coming up with more and more infertility treatments, most of which will be nothing but snake oil, until there's a population crash.

This is not the earth future generations should be inheriting. For the sake of future life on earth--GO ORGANIC!!!
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