Timothy Leary is Dead (atlanticat) wrote,
Timothy Leary is Dead

What Happened to Gum?

I do not, as a rule, chew gum. However, the other day I spotted a package of Wrigley's Doublemint on the checkout stand at Jewel and decided that I wanted some. I looked at the package and it didn't say "sugar free" anywhere--a good sign or so I thought. Then I hunted down the ingredients. MUCH to my surprise, it contained not only sugar but also aspartame and acesulfame-k.

Bogus, I thought. Why would you bother putting in both sugar AND artificial sweeteners? That combination has never made sense to me.

Since then, I've been checking out the candy stands at various locations and to my dismay, there appears to be NO brand of gum that doesn't contain artificial sweeteners. Even a chance meetup with a package of "Hubba Bubba," something I haven't seen in decades, resulted in an utter fail.

What's up, America? Bathing my teeth in the sugar from a stick of gum is no worse than bathing them in the sugar from a gummi bear, with the exception that the gum is probably chewed longer. However, that sugar leeches out pretty quickly and what strange freak ever eats just one gummi bear?

Why can I have candy made with full sugar, but I can't have gum that doesn't contain aspartame and acesulfame-k??? It's MY mouth, dammit. If I want to bathe it in sugar, I should have that option!
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