Timothy Leary is Dead (atlanticat) wrote,
Timothy Leary is Dead

Radio Free Insanity

I heard the most disturbing advertisement on the radio this morning. It started out pleasantly enough, saying that this country's family farms were our future and telling us to support family farmers. Then the jarring last line played...paid for on behalf of America's family farmers, by Monsanto.


This would be the SAME Monsanto that regularly sues those same family farmers when genetically modified seed blows onto their property from neighboring farms? The same Monsanto that is trying to pass "food safety" bills through congress that will effectively industrialize those family farms? The same Monsanto that effectively wants to control* the global food supply by making it illegal to save seed AT ALL, not just their so-called "patented" seed?

Yeah, that sounds like a corporation I'd expect to be inspiring people to support family farms.

And monkeys might fly out of my butt.

*(Note: Asterisked article is a 6.5MB PDF Report that does a lot of chattering.)
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