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I ♥ Blaine Capatch

Avast mateys! {/Pirate} Last night I went to the sexy slugfest that is Lucha VaVOOM and spent some quality time with my favorite comedian. The show was pretty fun, I had a ringside seat and nearly got clobbered by flying luchadores several times. Fortunately, I had the good sense to get out of the way when they popped out of the ring on my side. The buxoticas put on a good show too but burlesque dancing doesn't really turn me on.

Just after Blaine wandered by after the intermission, he realized I was sitting just about in front of him and stopped to give me a hug, then we chatted for a bit after the show. I was able to wish him a happy birthday and found out what he's up to at the moment. I promised to make it to one of his shows in LA or San Francisco one of these days (Road Trip, Graham?). He's also calling for the LA Derby Dolls and apparently he's putting together something for G4. I will have to check it out. Blaine is such a doll. I got about four hugs over the course of our chat as we both seem to have a bad habit of almost saying goodbye and then remembering something we wanted to chat about. He's one of those rare individuals with whom conversation just flows naturally, he's very easy to talk to.

I've had my dose of sweet comic, I'll be happy for awhile.

{Pirate} Arr, Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and happy birthday to me favoritest comic, Blaine Capatch, who be turnin' 44 today. I'll drink yer health in grog tonight, matey!
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