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This Is Just Sick

I don't read New Scientist but I find it rather telling that the moral objections to this article don't appear until the second page, which a majority of people won't actually bother reading because--hey, it's an extra click I have to make....

In essence, there are scientists who are taking the position that "well, if we can't do away with the atrocities of factory farms, we can at least genetically engineer the all ready horribly mistreated animals to have pain-free lives!"

That's as disturbing as saying "well, we can't do away with child abuse so we can just engineer children with no nerve endings!"

There is NO justification for factory-farmed meat. NONE. It's done for the sake of greed, period. We have enough farmland in the US that we could feed the world if it were all farmed, so that's not a valid objection. The fact that only a small fraction of that farmland is actually farmed is a large part of the problem. This sort of thing just disgusts me.

I want my organic vegetable and free-range animal farm. I want it now.
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