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This society needs to die and a new society be born in its place. This needs to be a world where

   -society is not controlled by corporate greed. The few should not profit at the expense of the masses. People are not faceless, nameless numbers to be used and thrown away on a whim because the few at the top are not making enough money for their taste, when hundreds or thousands could live quite happily on their salaries. Those who never meet us, never learn about us, and never learn to understand or care about the common man because they believe they are privileged should be abolished as a class.

   -healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Grievously ill people should be guaranteed care, not denied by their insurance companies, terminated by their employers, and thereafter branded uninsurable. Insurance as an idea should be abolished and doctors and other carers paid through a simple tax, giving access to all. All should be treated equally well, particularly since this society is responsible for so many ills....

   -people are not forced to live in fear. Fear from their workplaces, their neighbors, their neighbor countries, the facelss government, the unjust law, the selfish deity, or just the bogeyman. We are all human beings and we should all respect each other and work to live free from fear.

   -science exists for the sake of science. Even if it is not in the interest of the masses, science needs to be unfettered by dogma and illogical fallacies. It is more important to learn all that we can about our world, our universe, and the contents thereof than it is to block research because we think it will offend someone. Science should have it's own code of ethics, that involves learning as much as possible whilst doing as little harm as possible.

   -food supplies are controlled by the people, not corporations. Learning about genetics is important, but releasing genetic variants into the wild or tricking dirt-poor farmers into buying them without explaining the consequences is nothing short of disastrous. Genetic diversity is more important than profit. Profit at the expense of the potential future food supply of the planet is unacceptable.

   -children are taught to think for themselves. The ability to think for oneself is a pivotal point in helping shape any society. Today, children are indoctrinated from birth, told what to believe, what to think, have their lives all set out before them before they are even born. They must be given the ability to choose their own path, to make their own life, even if that life is different from what we would choose for them. We can not keep them tied to the previous generation, they must be taught to think freely.

   -basic civil rights are granted to all, regardless of their status as adult or child, male or female or other, theist or atheist, gay or straight, citizen or alien, prisoner or prisoner of war, white black brown yellow red or purple-polkadot. All are human. All have the same rights.

   -freedom is priority. Freedom to live how we choose, to love whom we choose without stigma, to be what we choose even if that is strange to us or unknown, as long as we harm no other, including the earth our planet.

This I choose. I will work toward this goal in whatever way I can. I will update this manifesto with any and all ideas that apply. I will discard those ideas from my life that have no use in this world. I will live freely, love freely, and choose to take care of those things that are truly important and discard that which is unimportant.

Be it sight, sound, smell or touch, there's something inside that we need so much. The sight of a touch or the scent of a sound, the strength of an oak with roots deep underground. The wonder of flowers to be covered and then to burst up, through tarmac, to the sun again. Or to fly to the sun without burning a wing, to lie in a meadow and hear the grass sing, to have all these things in our memory's hoard--and to use them, to help us, to find... -Departure, The Moody Blues
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